Edwin Rhone

Guitar, vocals

Edwin Rhone is a guitarist/musician from Fayetteville, NC but resides in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Edwin got his first musical high in the fourth grade with  a long-haired hippy, “Ms. Wooten … she had hair down to her waist. She brought an acoustic guitar in and a case of recorders.”A few years later, in the sixth grade, he got his second musical jolt, “They had all the kids from the high  school come down and show us what they were into. Some played sports, some sang … all the kids from band class  [were] playing trombones, making them sound like race cars, I thought that was real cool, and I wanted to play trombone, but started out on saxophone and keyboards.

Ed has built an impressive resume of musical adventures. From jaunts down the neck of his guitar, to jaunts down to Chile` with Latin performer Chayanne as a visual engineer. Ed has stretched  his talent over genres, countries, and various musical careers.His unwavering interest in metal guitar was first sparked by a dude named Todd “Chainsaw” Osteen in his college music business class in Atlanta, GA. “He had a Charvel guitar, this red Charvel guitar and little Crate amp, and he was playing some Ratt riffs—and I was like ‘Wow, man, that’s so bad ass!’”

As proof of how  bad ass he thought it was, he committed himself immediately, “I was a keyboard player at the time and I went  and sold all my keyboards the next day and got a crap guitar and a crap Marshall half stack.” In those times he jammed with a few different musicians in Atlanta, but mostly focused on learning songs by Metallica, Yngwie Malsteen, Death, Sepultura, and DRI.

In 1990, Edwin moved back to NC from Atlanta, GA and met Dallas through some mutual friends. They performed in some bands together. The bands were Teratosis, Dukallian Rebirth, and DHB. Those bands were great woodshedding bands but none really got anywhere.